Centurion group of companies was founded
in 2009 as a logistics company that provides
transportation and logistics services across
Maldives. Today the group of companies
has diversified and offer a range of services,
including freight forwarding, warehousing,
supply chain management, ticketing,
hospitality, retail, air cargo and so forth.
Centurion’s goal is to provide reliable,
efficient, and cost-effective solutions to
their customers. Centurion is headquartered
in Male’, Maldives, and has operations
throughout Maldives.
Centurion is built on its Founder,
Capt. Ahmed Maumoon’s vision
to create a multi-disciplinary
service company that is
renowned for its agility, innovation
and commitment to excellence,
providing our clients with the
expertise and resources they
need to stay ahead of the curve.
The Company pursues its
commitment towards sustainability
through balancing economic
success, environmental preservation,
and social responsibility, which is
reflected through the Company’s key
pillars of Customer Service, Quality
of Service, Expertise, Innovation and

Board Members

Capt. Ahmed Maumoon

Chairman / Non-Executive Director

Mr. Aimon Jameel

Managing Director/ Executive Director

Mr. Hussain Nizar

Executive Director

Mr. Abdulla Javid , FCCA(UK)

Non - Executive Director

Mr. Abdulla Nafiz

Non-Executive Director

Dr. Ahmed Ranesh

Non- Executive Director

Ms. Hawwa Shafeea Riza

Non-Executive Director

Board Committees

Nomination and Remuneration Committee Members
3 Members

Members of the committee
Mr. Hussain Nizar
Ms. Hawwa Shafeea Riza
Capt. Ahmed Maumoon
Audit Committee Members
3 Members

Members of the committee
Mr. Abdulla Javid , FCCA(UK)
Dr. Ahmed Ranesh
Mr. Abdulla Nafiz

Shareholding Structure

Name Share %
Stellar Holding Pvt Ltd 47.35 %
Aimon Jameel 47.35 %
Abdulla Maumoon 0.99 %
Jana Ibrahim 0.99 %
Liya Maumoon 0.99 %
Mohamed Yaniu Maumoon 0.99 %
Muruthala Musthafa 0.01 %
Ismail Amith 0.01 %
Ahmed Mansoor 0.01 %
Ali Ikram 0.01 %
General Public Holdings 0.01 %