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Welcome to InformInvestor, the public disclosure platform for the Maldives Capital Market. The portal contains disclosures of public listed companies in accordance with the disclosure rules and regulations made under the Maldives Securities Act 2/2006. InformInvestor is the one stop shop providing investors with access to public listed company disclosures from a central location. These disclosures will provide investors with material information they need to make informed investments and voting decisions – the kind of decisions that allow investors to protect and advance their interest, that shore up investor confidence in the market.

Upcoming Disclosure Dates

Disclosure Calendar
Task Deadline
Quarter 2 Report (State Trading Organization) 31 July 2024
Quarter 2 Report (Maldives Transport & Contracting Company) 31 July 2024
Quarter 2 Report (Bank of Maldives) 31 July 2024
Quarter 2 Report (Maldives Tourism Development Corporation) 31 July 2024
Quarter 2 Report (Dhivehi Raajjeyge Gulhun Plc) 31 July 2024
Upcoming Disclosure Dates